Contraband slot machine walker mount

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1 May 2014 ... swtor-st-7-recon-walker-mount-2 swtor-st-7-recon-walker-mount-3 ... swtor-marsh -raptor-mount-club-vertica-nightlife-pack- .... through Rep Vendors and Packs as far back as the Archon's Contraband Pack at least. ...... I don't know if you've seen the holo slot machine from the current Event, but every time it ...

Casino Kush Cannabiotix - Swtor Contraband Slot Machine Walker Mount. Remedy’s Deadhead OGBusiness Wire Blackjack Strategy Grid Mafiabikes Madmain 20” Cotton Candy Harry Main BMX Bike. Gov. offers to pay fees for 7-year-old's lemonade stand shut down by state health inapp 24 Mar 2012 .. SWTOR: Changes Coming in Todays (1/21) Maintenance Jan 21, 2015 · The drop rate on Contraband Reputation items, has been increased; To insure that the Slot Machine is still an awesome item to strive for, we have added a faction specific walker mount as a very rare drop; Lastly, we have increased the cost of each Slot Machine coin from 500 to 750 credits. FA-3 Recon Walker - TOR Fashion

[LocalizedDescription] => Array ( [enMale] => A token that can be used to play the Contraband Cartel slot machine. [frMale] => Jeton à utiliser sur la machine à sous Cartel de contrebande. [frFemale] => Jeton à utiliser sur la machine à sous Cartel de contrebande.

I had recently posted about Arminus’ winning streak on the Contraband Slot machines a few days ago. It was actually before patch 3.0.2 which altered the drop rate of the items from the slot machine. Patch 3.0.2 not only altered the drop rate, but increased the cost for Contraband Cartel Chips so as anyone else would do, I stocked on hundreds. Mounting Machine, Mounting Machine Suppliers and ...

Contraband Slot Machine - Prize Statistics Some of you, probably most of you will be wondering what this is. The Contraband Slot Machine is a very old decoration that was released in the Acolyte's Shadow Pack, around the time of the first Nar Shaddaa Night Life Event.

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