Slot spiral antenna with integrated balun and feed

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A Spiral Antenna with Integrated Parallel-Plane Feeding Structure

High-power ultra-wideband spiral antenna arrays - IEEE ... The four-arm spiral antenna configuration is considered to ensure a good frequency-domain performance of the good time-domain spiral (i.e. loosely-wrapped spiral). Finally, the four-arm spiral's beamformer complexity is addressed by the development of a dual microstrip feed which acts not only as an integrated balun (infinite Dyson balun), but ... US5815122A - Slot spiral antenna with integrated balun and feed ... A slot spiral antenna with a planar integrated balun and feed. The slot spiral is produced using standard printed circuit techniques and comprises a dielectric ... a new planar feed for slot spiral antennas - NTRS - NASA slot spiral antenna, and the subsequent design and performance of a. VHP antenna ... tenna feed integrates the balun into the structure of the slot spiral antenna ... designs exist [1] that integrate the feed and balun into the cavity and reduce. (PDF) Microstrip to Parallel Strip Balun as Spiral Antenna Feed

The Infinite Balun - Antenna Theory

A Wideband Differential-Fed Slot Antenna Using Integrated Compact Balun With Matching Capability Han Wang, Zhijun Zhang, Yue Li, and Zhenghe Feng The evolution of the proposed slot antenna (a) Microstrip feed slot (b) Loop directly feed (c) Loop to slot feed (d) Loop to T-slot feed. Fig. 3. Bandwidth comparisons among four types of slot ... IET Digital Library: Low-profile broadband dual-mode four-arm slot spiral antenna with dual Dyson balun feed The authors propose a low profile 4-arm slot spiral for broadband commercial applications. The antenna is designed for circularly polarised dual-mode, 1st (normal) mode and 2nd (split-beam) mode, operation from 1.4–3.5 GHz and 2.5–6 GHz, respectively. Phase progressions at arm ports are realised through the odd and even coplanar waveguide (CPW) excitations, a dual Dyson balun, and a single A BROADBAND VHF-L BAND CAVITY-BACKED SLOT SPIRAL

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WITH INTEGRATED BALUN Paul M. Proudfoot, 1/Lt, USAF APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED. ... 3.J. (1960) A printed circuit balun for use with spiral antennas, IRE Trans. on Microwave Theory Tech. MNITT-8:319-325. 3. CD z I' a tA z.In Figure 2. Folded Dipole with Integrated Balun ... ab (that is. the open-end length and slot ...

YO3DAC - Printed and Microstrip Antennas -

In this paper we introduce a flexible, side-fed, ultra-wideband, spiral antenna with an integrated microstrip tapered infinite balun operating from 1-5GHz. It was fabricated using Rogers 5880 subtrate and specially coated to prevent oxidization. YO3DAC - Printed and Microstrip Antennas - References: 1. Microstrip Antenna Design Handbook - Garg, Bhartia, Bahl, Ittipiboon 2. Antenna Theory and Microstrip Antennas - Fang 3. CAD of Microstrip Antennas for Wireless Applications - Sainati A Wideband CPW-fed Planar Dielectric Tapered Antenna with ... nar dielectric tapered antenna designed for 60 GHz integrated applications fabricated through a novel process compatible with silicon technology. The antenna is composed of five parts: a CPW line, a balun, a tapered slot line, a dielectric tapered antenna and parasitic elements. Single antenna has a simulated impedance Directional planar spiral antenna - ANTENNASYS, INC. Includes a spiral antenna with feed-point configured to transfer energy to/from the antenna. Includes an energy absorbent backing and an energy absorbent siding coupled with the spiral antenna. Includes a cavity behind the log-spiral slot antenna and in front of the energy absorbent backing.